The Course

The Prizes



Spirit of the EventOverall Winner of the Day

Best Novelty Kart


Best Engineered Kart


Fastest Kart

1.    The fastest time on the day across any run to complete the course from start to finish.

2.    If more than one kart has the same fastest time, then times from other runs will be considered.

3.    In more than one kart has the same fastest times considering all runs, then the fastest speed, as measured by the speed trap, will be used.


Peter Bartlett Founder’s Award

The Rules

Technical Design Criteria


All karts should be available for scrutineering two weeks prior to the event. The location for scrutineering karts will be notified to team leaders in good time before the event.

Karts deemed not safe at the start of the race will not be allowed to race!


o   The road surface.

o   The wheels of the vehicle

Safety Equipment

Wheels and Brakes

Seating and Steering

Important - Safety Info and Conduct on the Day

Racing is expected to start between 1.00pm- 1:30 pm

Thank you for considering entering, please enjoy the day, and please take care.