Whilst the Gravity Grand Prix is intended to be a free family fun day for the benefit of local residents, the popularity of the event means that it’s a great platform to raise money for good causes. This year we have a target of £15,000 for the benefit of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. This is a wonderful charity that provides a marvellous life saving service for our community. It is not funded by Central Government nor does it receive any lottery money. It relies on charitable donations and fund raising activities to keep the service operational. So please remember, the fund raising of The Gravity Grand Prix is all for charity, nothing is deducted as we’re all volunteers.

As a spectator you will not be charged an admission fee but you can help us to reach our target by doing the following, all of which contribute to our fund raising:

  1. Treat yourself and your family to refreshments - food, drinks, etc - all of which will be available throughout the afternoon

  2. Make a donation when the collection buckets come round, the funds raised go to a very good cause.

  3. Buy raffle tickets that will be on sale. The prizes will be stupendous! Maybe you can be persuaded to be sufficiently enthusiastic to volunteer to sell them as well, in which case contact Paul Webb, email info@gravitygrandprix.co.uk or phone 07801 471738.

As an entrant, you can help to reach our target in three easy ways:

  1. Get sponsors for your kart – Ask your family and friends to sponsor your kart, recognising all the effort you are putting into building it and then running it on the day! You will receive a sponsorship form from us when you apply to enter.

  2. Corporate Entry - Get a company to sponsor your kart. For an additional £50 (special discounted rate) entrants can have their own banner displayed along the Course and be mentioned by the event commentator throughout the afternoon. It is also a fun day for your supporters. Entering a kart can also be a good team building exercise and you can even raise money by selling advertising space on your kart or helmet.

  3. Sell or buy a programme advertisement - Different positions are available for an advertisement in the programme (please check with us for the rates). Thousands will see it!