The Gravity Grand Prix is situated in the pretty village of Cookham Dean, with the racing taking place down the main road through the village from 1.30pm – Here is the top information you need to know when attending this amazing event:

  • Entry to the event is FREE, and we encourage you and your family & friends to come early to secure your place along the course for the best views; alternatively you may want to bring a picnic blanket so you can relax on the Old Cricket Green situated alongside the middle of the course (opposite the Village Hall), we have numerus food and drink vendors located here, as well as a kids' fun fair.

  • If you fancy getting up close to the karts, you can do so at both the Start Pit-lane or the Finish Pit-lane and are situated at the top and bottom ends of the course. At the top of the course, refreshments can be obtained from the Start Bar and BBQ, at the bottom of the course Uncle Tom Cabin Pub will be serving a range of food and drinks.

  • Toilets are located along the course, to include the use of the facilities in the Jolly Farmer and Uncle Toms Cabin – See the course map for exact locations.

  • While we encourage as many people to arrive to the event on foot, we do have parking available which provides access right onto the Old Cricket Green. Please remember we close the road at 12pm, so there will be no access to main parking area from Hills Lane or Popes Lane after this time.

  • To move towards making this event more sustainable, the Main Bar and the Start Bar, both run a reusable cups system, where we charge a returnable deposit of 1GBP for each branded plastic cup provided. At the end of the day you can either keep the cup as a souvenir of the day, return the glass back to the Main or Start Bars to receive your 1GBP back, or alternatively you can place your plastic cup in one of the donation bins, we will then clean and reuse the cup at the next event and donate your deposit to charity.

  • Before and after the racing sessions, spectators can walk up and down the course and pick their spots to watch the racing, please follow the instructions of marshals. While racing is underway, you're able to move up and down the course using the designated walkways and crossings.

Race Day Timings

8am – Karts start arriving and our wonderful team of volunteers work on completing the course build. Karts will continue to arrive during the morning, with all karts at the start area by 12pm.

9am – The Start Bar is open, serving teas, coffees, bacon rolls etc., as well as beers and cocktails for those wishing to start early.

12pm - ROAD CLOSED: The course is now closed to public traffic to allow us to make the final preparations. Spectators can walk up and down the whole course and pick their spots to watch the racing. At this time the food and drinks stall on the old Cricket Green Begin opening. You are able to move up and down the course using the walkways during the day.

1.30pm - The race will start and will continue until around 4.45pm . As soon as racing finishes, Uncle Toms Cabin have a live band playing in their beer garden, this continues in to the the evening, free to enter, and is traditionally a bit of a party.

5pm(ish) - Prize Giving on the Green. If he is available on the day, this will be done by Cookham Legend Ross Kemp.

Finally - Once the prize giving is over, we begin the big clear up and open the course to public traffic!


  • Medical Assistance - A paramedic service is in place throughout the event, based adjacent to the War Memorial, opposite the Village Hall and fully accessible. If assistance is needed, please visit the paramedics directly or contact a steward who can summon assistance

  • Lost Children/Parents - If you become separate from children, or you find a lots child, please contact member of the event's team. We have a meeting point at the Information point, shown on the Event Map

  • Toilets - Please see our Event Map for the location of toilet facilities